Welcome on our English page about the Jonatan Academy. The pupils (10-13 years old) teach other kids how to solve mathematical or linguistic problems by creating videos through Microsoft PowerPoint. They create those movies all by themselves: from choosing a suitable subject to talk about, to writing down a scenario for their explanation and the digitalizing it in PowerPoint.

On this page you will find:

About our school

First of all, you should know a little bit about the school where this project started: Berkenboom Jonatan: a school for children with severe learning difficulties. Our school is a school that offers new chances for these children by giving them a highly structured environment, small class groups and a focus on problem solving skills.

The start of the project

When I discovered the Khan Academy and the idea of the flipped classroom I thought that it could be a way to get more active time in the classroom. Kids watch videos of certain lesson subjects at home and practice them in the classroom. But I wanted to go even further: what if the pupils themselves create the videos that explain the course material? The Jonatan Academy was born!

How we work:


This movie shows some clips from movies our pupils made. They are in Dutch (their native language) off course, but I provided subtitles.


Our project, however quite young received multiple awards we are very proud of.

  • Microsoft Partners in Learning Belgium Forum
  • Microsoft Partners in Learning Euorpean Forum: teacher as innovator an change agent
  • Her Majesty Queen Paola prize for Education


Below is a 10 minute movie that shows in detail how to make movies like ours yourself. Just watch it, and then give it a try yourself. You’ll see: it’s easy!

How we use qr-codes to link from worksheets to our website


Download het Jonatan Academie SjabloonWe use this template to start with:
it’s just a black slide with some preferences for colors.



Because of the age and lack of knowledge of English we hesitate to start any international projects with other schools with our pupils. However I am glad to be of help if you run into problems or want to know more when trying to build your own “academy”. You can get in touch by twitter (send me a tweet at @jonatanacademie or a mail: faems.bram [at] jonatan-berkenboom.be

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